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Printed Hoodies in Achnamara

Hoodies are about as versatile a fashion statement as there is today in Achnamara. Comfortable, warm and available in a surprising array of colours and styles they can be found on the football pitch, the mountain trail, providing privacy for celebrities and warmth on those long cold winter nights. If it’s too cold for a T-Shirt but too warm for a full-on overcoat the hoodie is the way to go. Likewise, if you’re looking for a way to make a casual fashion statement look no further than the hoodie. And, if you’re in search of a unique way to promote a product or service the hoodie answers that call as well.

More Than a T-Shirt

Typically made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres the hoodie is the plusher, warmer cousin to the T-Shirt, similar to our wide range of sweatshirts in Achnamara. Like the T-Shirt however it can be utilized in a variety of ways to promote a product or service especially during those months that may be too cold for T-Shirts or Polo shirts. The hoodie has the added advantage of providing a larger ‘billboard’ for the placement of logos, team names, graphics or whatever else you may want to have printed on them.

If there is one area where the humble hoodie truly achieves separation from its T-Shirt cousin it’s in the area of fashion. Hoodies can be mixed and matched with just about anything to achieve casual looks that range from smart to grunge. Wear a hoodie with khakis, chinos and jeans. Pair it with sandals, running shoes or loafers. Or wear it over a beautifully printed custom T-Shirt from The T-Shirt Kings to achieve a stylish yet relaxed appearance perfect for picnics, sporting events, sailing excursions, studying at the library or just cleaning up outside in Achnamara.

The Perfect Platform for Custom Designs

At The T-Shirt Kings we’re often asked if the same image or graphic we printed on a T-Shirt can be printed on a hoodie as well and the answer is “Of course.” Not only that but we also do the same process on our amazing polo shirts in Achnamara. We’ll take your design, logo, company name or any other graphical element (as well as text) and reformat it to look great on your hoodie. What may have looked right as a relatively small element on your T-Shirt may take on new life and significance when blown up to cover the back of your hoodie. Want the same embroidered logo that’s on your Polo shirt to be on your hoodie as well? No problem when you work with The T-Shirt Kings.

The Ideal Christmas Gift

The hoodie then is everything you want your T-Shirt to be, plus everything you need from your Polo shirt all wrapped up into a comfortable, stylish package that can also be used to deliver first class product promotion. Don’t think that, just because the weather has turned chilly you need to break out the cardigan. Purchase a beautifully comfortable and versatile printed hoodie from The T-Shirt Kings instead. We have more than a decade of experience with printed and embroidered apparel and will create the perfect printed hoodie for whatever your product, cause or taste.

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