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Printed Sweatshirts in Kent

In the past, printing on sweatshirts was often a bit problematic. Fortunately, digital printing has come of age in recent years in Kent and has largely supplanted the old fashioned screen printing methods that were the source of those problems. The result is that sweatshirts today printed using the digital method achieve a precision and clarity never before possible. At The T-Shirt Kings we create visually striking printed sweatshirts that display brilliant colour and clarity, razor sharp edges and long-lasting results. If you’re looking for a way to reinforce your brand message even during the coldest months of the year, printed sweatshirts are the way to go.

Elevating Quality

Digital printing of sweatshirts not only eliminates most of the problems associated with screen printing it also creates crystal clear, high resolution imagery screen printing could never achieve which enables us to create high quality custom prints in Kent. With digital printing the sweatshirt joins the T-Shirt in being able to host whatever type of image you wish which means expanded branding options for you. It’s no exaggeration to say that sweatshirts printed using the digital method don’t just break down the barrier between imagery and clothing, they annihilate it. It’s the kind of leap in printing technology that hasn’t been seen since the invention of the rotary screen printing machine in 1960.

Digital Printing: Efficient and Effective

Printing sweatshirts using the digital method in Kent drastically reduces production times while simultaneously increasing the quality of the finished product. As a result you can expect to receive your digitally printed sweatshirts from The T-Shirt Kings much faster than you would have if they were screen printed. Instead of waiting weeks for your order to arrive you may only have to wait a few days. It’s the kind of technological leap that doesn’t occur very often in the garment industry and everyone benefits: from the customer that receives a higher quality product in a shorter amount of time to those of us at The T-Shirt Kings who can offer a better product at a more affordable price. The Smart Alternative to Screen Printing

Until recently sweatshirts typically played a fairly limited role in an organization’s branding efforts. Perhaps you’d see a sweatshirt with a small logo printed in the breast pocket area and/or a larger version of the same logo printed on the back along with some lettering. Today however, due to the rise of digital printing technology, there is virtually nothing that can’t be printed on a sweatshirt. Photos can be reproduced in stunning detail, custom designs created in Illustrator or Photoshop can be transferred to the sweatshirt with the same accuracy they’d have if you were printing them on paper and colour quality issues are a thing of the past.

Printed sweatshirts are no longer on the outside of garment-based marketing efforts. Today they’re front and centre picking up the gauntlet from the T-Shirt when the weather gets cold and allowing you to expand your brand reinforcement efforts into a whole new arena. If you’re interested in printed sweatshirts for your company, team, school or event contact The T-Shirt Kings; the UK’s most trusted source for high quality printed garments for over a decade. You could also purchase from our wide range of high quality hoodies in Kent.

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