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Stag & Hen Do T-Shirts

The stag do is a tradition dating back centuries. Some say it originated in Sparta 2500 years ago while others give it a more contemporary origin. But whatever the tradition’s birthdate it’s come to be regarded as an important rite of passage for a man to be sent off into the uncharted waters of marital bliss by his best mates. In recent years the ladies have carved out their own pre-marital tradition by holding hen dos that often rival anything planned by their male counterparts. What both of these celebrations have in common is the need for top quality stag and hen do T-Shirts to ramp up the sense of camaraderie and kick-start the fun. And no one does a better job creating unforgettable stag and hen do T-Shirts than The T-Shirt Kings.

The Makings of a First Class Stag or Hen Do T-Shirt

You might think that creating a first class stag or hen do T-Shirt is just a matter of printing names and a graphic on a T-Shirt and passing them out. But where’s the fun in that? A first class stag or hen do T-Shirt should refer in some way to the bride or groom, their personality or some outstanding interest. Pop culture references are another great way to infuse a stag or hen do T-Shirt with some street cred or create a unifying theme. And don’t forget the funny slogan. After that you’ll want individual names of the participants worked into the design as well. With so many possible variations the only limit is your imagination. We also offer simple t-shirt custom printing.

Make Your T-Shirts Part of the Festivities

If you’ll be doing a pub crawl or some other type of public celebration, have everyone don their special shirt before heading out. This way when each person reaches the rendezvous point it will be easy to identify one another. A great way to involve the shirts directly in the festivities is to have a check list of locations you hope to visit on your big night printed on the T-Shirt and then check the boxes with a magic marker as each is ticked off. It’s a fun way to create lasting memories. If your stag or hen do is going to be a private affair you can have a special design printed that will glow under a blacklight adding an unforgettable touch to the proceedings.

Make Sure You Order from the Best

Your big day is only going to happen once and the same is true for your stag or hen do. The last thing you want is for the T-Shirts to arrive and be poorly printed, improperly sized or just look cheap. Avoid problems by making sure you order yours from The T-Shirt Kings. We’ve been supplying high-quality printed garments to our UK customers for over a decade and in that time we’ve created scores of stag and hen do T-Shirts of every imaginable design. We apply the same level of professionalism to every garment we print whether it’s for a Fortune 500 company or your stag or hen do. So don’t delay. Order your stag or hen do T-Shirts from The T-Shirt Kings today.